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Information Technology (IT) department provides Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services and support to NAS to achieve its goals and objectives. IT department provides the operating parameters for the use of IT systems, services, architecture, network, security, etc., within the organization. Our infrastructural responsibility is to ensure that the operating network in addition to other equipment that constitute the IT system, work in conformity with the established operating standards and procedures. System functionality is also a responsibility of the IT department. We provide the capacity for operating applications development, storing and securing the electronic information the NAS owns, and providing direct operating assistance in software use and data management to all functional areas.

  • To provide consultation and advisory services to the organization IT services, purchases & implementation.
  • To provide a reliable technological platform for information and security management.
  • To ensure effective communications within and outside the organization using technology.
  • To ensure smooth operations of NAS; IT assets and infrastructure.

  • To develop skills and competencies required for automation of information within NAS and its stations.
  • To develop and update hardware and software standards for procurement and deployment of computers for NAS.
  • To establish computer systems and network support unit at the central level to provide in-house technical support to information automation.
  • To develop, administer and maintain a NAS Website as a central broadcast facility for the organization

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