Human Resource & Administration

INTRODUCTIONThe department is responsible for providing a framework for the planning, development and management of human resources for the service, coordinate the activities of the NAS training school as well as sector-wide training including fellowships.


  • Human Resource Planning
  • Human Resource Development
  • Human Resource Management


•   To put in place an effective Human Resource Policy and Management Framework consistent with the overall manpower needs of the sector.

•    To develop a mechanism for staff to be recruited, trained and retained, motivated and developed on a continuing basis for the efficient discharge of their duties.


1.   Assist in the determination of appropriate sectoral Human Resource levels consistent with the overall operational requirements of the sector.

2.   Provide framework for the periodic review of Schemes of Service, job descriptions and job classifications of staff in the Sector.

3.   Keep and updates records on fellowship related training of staff in the Sector.

4. Periodically reviews rules, regulations and procedures relating to training.

5. Establishes and maintains systems and procedures for planning training and manpower development for the sector