Research Department


The research team at NAS is mandated to engage in research and other related activities to inform organizational and operational decisions that support the delivery of excellent services in emergency and community care. The department aims to improve NAS’s service delivery using evidence-based practices, meaningful bench-marking and cost-effective treatment strategies.


  1. To ensure that all patients continue to receive timely and good quality service as a result of the research carried out at NAS.
  2. To develop standard operation procedures (SOP) for the various activities of NAS
  3. Conduct clinical auditing on the patient care report (PCR) forms
  4. Develop protocols for research and other projects


  1. To generate knowledge

This will involve:
• Conducting research in partnership with academic and healthcare organizations to Ambulance practice and                  improve the quality of pre-hospital care services provided to patients and the general public.
• Developing research capacity through training early career researchers about the tenets of conducting                            quality research particularly with respect to Ambulance practice.
• Update the knowledge of clinical staff with relevant research findings from sub-Saharan Africa and                                  elsewhere.

  1. Knowledge application:
  • Seek, synthesize, sort and summarize evidence, to inform clinical policy.
  1. Research governance:
  • Provide governance oversight for all internally conducted research;
    • Facilitate and assist external researchers to conduct studies at NAS, where appropriate.