About Us

The National Ambulance Service (NAS) was established in the year 2004 as an Agency of the Ministry Of Health. It is a product of collaboration between the Ministry of Health and the Ghana National Fire Service of the Ministry of Interior.

As a statutory agency, NAS has been charged with specific role and responsibilities to establish and operate a nationwide comprehensive Ambulance Service. Our Service operates under the Emergency Service Council, which would establish the rules, regulations and operation guidelines for NAS and other private ambulance service providers.

NAS has since its inception migrated from Seven (7) Stations in Three (3) Regions to 130 stations with presence in every Region in Ghana and ten control rooms.

VISION:- The National Ambulance Service (NAS) strives to be a world-class Emergency Medical Service (EMS) that provides the highest quality and most cost effective emergency health care to people in Ghana, through enthusiastic and well-trained staff.


The National Ambulance Service is to provide integrated, high quality, pre-hospital emergency and medical care, health transport, medical retrieval and education services to all people in Ghana. NAS achieves this through a system of trained operational staff and committed support staff in a compassionate, dignified, and professional manner.

To provide pre-hospital emergency care to accident victims (Road traffic, Domestic, Industrial, Medical etc.)
To transport accident victims from the scene of an incident to an appropriate health facility
To provide stand by emergency cover at mass public meetings
To liaise with other emergency services in time of disaster or mass casualty incidents.
To assist in the formulation and implementation of programmes for first respondents.
To identify , recruit and train cadres for the service
To assist in establishment and operation of makeshift hospitals during mass casualty situations.


We embrace the following core values which continue to reflect our mission, and guide our decisions, actions and provision of services:

1. Dignity and Respect: We treat people with dignity and respect.

2. Progressive Innovation: We are dedicated to the continuous improvement of our processes and systems, based on science, data, and best practices.

3. Professionalism and Objectivity: We treat all individuals and organizations professionally, fairly, and without prejudice.

4. Leadership: We lead through collaboration and facilitation to ensure accountability, the provision of quality patient care, while ensuring fiscal and operational stability.

5. Participation: We value the contributions of the public, other agencies, and organizations in the development, implementation, and evaluation of the National Ambulance Service.

6. Teamwork: Delivering high performance through an inclusive and collaborative approach which values diversity.7. Passion: We demonstrate a passion for caring for others and the pursuit of service excellence in all that we do.