The Operations Department, which is considered as the engine of the Service deals with all aspect of NAS Operations is made up of the following units:
  1. Field and Special Operations;
  2. Fleet Management Operations;
  3. Dispatch Operations.

  4. Field & Special Operations Unit
    This unit handles all operational activities across the country involving Metropolitan, Municipal and District Ambulance stations. There are one hundred and Thirty Ambulance Stations nationwide

    Fleet Mangement Operation Unit
    This Unit deals with the servicing and maintenance of the all the Ambulances and other utility vehicles of the Service

    Dispatch operation Unit
    This Unit, also known as the Control Room, receives emergency calls and dispatch ambulances from locations to emergency scenes. There are ten Dispatch Centres, one for each region

    • To operate and manage well-equipped ambulances for effective and efficient EMS operations
    • To manage well-trained Emergency Medical Technicians for effective and efficient EMS operations

    • To provide pre-hospital emergency care to accidents victims (1Road traffic,Domestic, Industrial, Medical etc.)
    • To transport accident victims to a health facility
    • To provide stand by emergency cover at mass public meetings

Other Departments

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The Operations Department, which is considered as the engine of the Service deals with all aspect of NAS OperationsRead More

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