The Christian Health Association and Inspiral Health, a Non Governmental Organization ( NGO) in UK has trained over Eighty( 80) Emergency Medical Technicians from the National Ambulance Service on Patient Extrication, Management of Obstetric Emergencies and transfer to health care facilities

The three(3)days programme was held at the headquarters of the National Ambulance Service in Accra to help equip the EMTs on how to handle Obstetric emergencies that poses threat to life.

Mr Lawrence Danso Boadu, the country representative of Inspiral Health UK in his remarks said the main objective of the training programme to help the health sector of Ghana by assessing what the people want and then helping them in that direction.

" Inspiral Health consist of health professionals, our main aim is to help the health sector of Ghana and assess to find out what they really want and help them in that manner" he stated

The Director of Operations of Inspiral Health, Paramedic Dominic Morgan urged the EMTs to hold down ambition to help the advancement of the service. " My advice to the EMTs is that, they should hold down ambition.We believe Ghana has the capabilities to be able to demonstrate how it can be achieved" he added

The Chief Executive Officer for National Ambulance Service, Prof Ahmed Nuhu Zakariah commended Christian Health Association of Ghana and Inspiral Health UK for their support to train it's staff.

In Emergency Response Patient Extrication, the work of removing a vehicle from around a person who has been involved in an accident and cases of managing Obstetric emergencies like prolonged/obstructed labour, postpartum hemorrhage, fetal distress and others are paramount in life saving.

Story by Public Relations Unit